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The American Indigenous Media Initiative

Facilitated By: Urban Star Media

The American Indigenous Media Initiative: 

The American Indigenous Media Initiative is design to give indigenous people a platform to voice their issues, concerns and positions such as in Tribal Jurisdiction, Status, Sovereignty, Commerce and Ancestral Land Restoration. Our goal is to create a dialog that would produce a unification of indigenous people and to find solutions to our collective problems and issues. We would like to work with all indigenous tribes and communities by providing our media platform as a vehicle to disseminate indigenous news and information.

 1. We would like to create an indigenous news bulletin whereas indigenous news and information can be shared among all indigenous tribes and media groups.

 2. Create a media front to propagate indigenous issues, concerns and positions.

 3. Advocate for the unification off all indigenous people and the restoration of indigenous lands. 

The American Indigenous Media Initiative Urban Star Media App Urban Star Media will provide the online media infrastructure that includes podcast radio and video streaming outlets that are conveniently accessed through both Apple & Android app stores as well through our online website outlets. 



We offer media network hosting for Tribes:

Get connected to our independent indigenous media grid 

We offer online podcast radio and tv hosting and online distribution. 

  • Podcast Radio Channel & Distribution = $150 Monthly Service Fee 
  • Online TV Channel & Distribution = $399 Monthly Service Fee 
  • Package Deal Online Radio & TV Channel / Distribution = $500 Monthly Service Fee 

Other packages are available according to needs, we offer white label hosting for independent branding and other usage. Free Tribal Media Service: Free Tribal News Bulletin Free Tribal Government Public Notice / Announcements Seeking Indigenous Blogger, Podcast Show Host, News Journalist & Reporters