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Photo of Indigenous Americans – black native Americans

*According to, author James W. Loewen in his best selling book “Lies My Teacher Told Me,” virtually none of  the body of knowledge,  as taught in  school curricula and World History, has an ounce of truth. (Regarding the American Holiday: Thanksgiving)

The idea that Europeans brought civilization to America  flips the truth on its head. Here is what an expedition of European explorers actually found upon their arrival to North American in 1580. Read through to the end for the hidden  history of the California Black Native Americans.

Robert Beverly’s ‘American Holocaust’ Account 

“Far and away the most beautiful city on earth. Five times the size of London or Rome. Great towers and buildings rising from the water.

Sixty thousand gleaming houses, how spacious and well built the were, of beautiful stone work and cedar wood and wood of other sweet scented trees.

Her many streets and boulevards were so neat and well sweep despite the multitude of inhabitants, criss cross with a complete network of channels like an enormous venice, but also remarkable floating gardens that remind of no where else on earth,” Beverly said.

While Europeans were drinking gutter water from polluted city rivers, huge aqueducts transported America’s water from fresh springs.


“But what impressed most, were special merchant areas filled with timber and tile and other building materials being  bought and sold. As well as green grocers streets where everyone could buy  every sort of vegetable, fruit, honey, past and chocolates.

Astonished by personal cleanliness and hygiene of the colorfully dressed populous and by their extravagant use of soaps, deodorant and breath sweeteners.” — American Holocaust – Robert Beverly

Long  before Europe – coming out of their ‘dark age’ – realized that the world was not flat, there were nations  that were scientifically advanced. There were highly civilized populations with an abundance of gold and  wealth who’s history spanned thousands of years.

Ancient America was notably one of the most advanced civilizations in antiquity.

This was before Christ, before, the Spaniards, before  Mexicans, before the Clovis people who crossed the Barring Straights, before what is now known as the Native American Indian or  Euro conversions.

“No European who has tasted the life of Indians can afterwards not bare to live in any other society” – Ben Franklin

statue of liberty, black native americans, chistopher columbus lie, indigenous americans

First American Statue of Liberty ( created by France as a gift to
the US which was rejected and a new white Statue of Liberty was created.)


California’s Native American Identity

The original indigenous inhabitants of California were the descendants of West Africa, South America’s Olmecs – Xi Empire, 1500 – 400 BCE, Egypt, Asia and the Pacific Islands, creating a mix-cultural nation that thrived  for thousands for years in peace.

They were California blacks, or CalifiansAlso referred to as Khalifians.

The California blacks  were one of the largest and oldest native nations in the Americas. They were the people Europeans originally referred to as the “Red Man.

The California blacks were followers of  the principles of  Ma’at and they studied, exulted and sought to emulate mythical Gods of Kemet. Including and most importantly: Isis, Horus and Ra. They believed in one supreme God, life after death and heaven on earth.

They were lovingly ruled  by a matriarchal secession, descendants of African queens. Most notably the legendary Queen of California and the Pacific Island Nations; Califia ( Khalifia).

Their true linage, a powerful existence across the globe,  has been systematically erased.  A world wide genocide of biblical proportions was launched and is still in play to this very day.

American Holocaust Quotes

  • “The truth of the first settlers has been deliberately changed, “said Lowell. “because the truth was too shameful.”
  • “They stayed in America because their mission had been a failure, they came in search of gold.” – Robert Beverly, American Holocaust
  • “There is no force in Indian societies, no prisons, no officers to inflict punishment.” – Ben Franklin

indigenous americans, california black native americans

Photo examples of indigenous Americans

The First Thanksgiving Horror

The account that Europeans brought civilization to America is the biggest European lie of all times.

The fact that this revisionist history has been and is still being told and taught  is another reminder that the genocide continues.

The first settlers almost starved to death.  If it were not for the help of the natives they would have. Many Europeans died during this time; they committed suicide, suffered from mental illness and also alcohol addiction.

The first settlers took Indians as prisoners and forced them to teach  them the art of farming.

“They had spent most of their days digging random holes in the ground in search of gold instead of planting crops. Soon they were starving and digging up putrid Indian corps to eat.” – Native American

After teaching the settlers farming and saving them from starvation on the first ‘Thanksgiving ‘ the colonist offered the natives a toast to eternal friendship.  Soon after the chief, his family, advisers and two hundred followers dropped dead of poison.

Hidden History of California Blacks

The true history of California blacks  is a powerful story of  global genocide on a magnitude that is unbelievable. 100 Million Black and Brown people wiped off  the global landscape and American continent with barely a trace.   The history of a magnificent empire is non existent in pop culture, myths and Euro ‘re – visionary’ history.


Let the infamous date, 1492 be spoken and heard by indigenous ancestors from now until eternity. That date marks the beginning of the horrific, evil execution and genocide of indigenous Americans, who were predominantly black’s of Africa, Asia and early history Europeans ad mixture; a fact that has been conveniently and deliberately left out of World History.

This global conspiracy , in addition to  the ‘proven practicality of genocide’ (owed much to English and United States history) was the inspiration for Hitler’s concentration camps.

Hitler praised the ‘efficiency’ of America’s extermination of the ‘red savages.’

In the 1700’s

80% of the United States budget went to attacking Indians and taking their land. 20% of the budget went to education and other spending. 80+% of the Native American population was enslaved or wiped out. George Washington and other USA officials approved of the extermination of the Indian race.

  • Pursue Indians until extermination – Thomas Jefferson
  • Extermination must continue to be waged until the Indian becomes extinct a complete  Erritication of the Native race.    – Theodore Roosevelt

indegenous (black native)

indegenous (black native American)

California,  Greed Gold and Genocide

No group of people suffered as much from the Gold Rush as the California Blacks and other native peoples.

Estimation of the numbers in the area of what is now called California before the arrival of Europeans ranged from ten million three hundred and fifteen thousand or more, a calculation never officially reported.

Even before the gold rush the population had plummeted to 5 – 2.5 million due to slavery, Euro invasion and Christian Document of Discovery. Plus, Mexican, Indian and Spanish wars, along with vigilantly and militia mass murder.  All had taken a tole on the original people.

In the 1800’s

On April 12, 1850 California passed the so called “Act for the Government and Protection of the Indians.” This act allowed any white settler to force any Indian found to be without means of support to work for him.

Since Indians could not testify against a white person in court any Indian could be seized as a virtual slave under the law. Many settlers didn’t even bother with the law and purchased Indian children outright. Fortunes were made off the sale of women and children.

The editorial appearing in the California Marysville Appeal newspaper illustrates this practice: It is from the mountain tribes that the white settlers draw their supply of kidnapped children, educated as servants, and women of purpose of labor or lust.

These are partners of the state who’s soul occupation has been to steal young children and squaws and dispose of them for handsome prices to the settlers who… willing to pay $50 to $60 dollars for a young Digger to cook and wait upon them, or $100 dollars for a likely young girl.


In 1851’s message to the California Legislature, than California Governor Peter H. Burnett promised:

” A war of extermination will continue to be waged between the two races until the Indian race becomes extinct.”


California paid one million dollars revenue from the gold fields – to militia’s that hunted down and slaughter natives at will.


Newspapers cheered on the statewide campaign. In 1853 the Yreka Herald called on the government to provide aid to:

“enable the citizens of the north to carry on a war of extermination until the last red skin of these tribes has been killed.

Extermination is no longer a question of time – the time has arrived, the work has commenced and let the first man who says treaty or peace be regarded a traitor.” Other newspapers voiced similar sentiments.

In order to clear the way for white settlement, the United States Senate in 1853 authorized these committees to negotiate treaties with the Indian tribes of California.

Of the over 250 indigenous  nations, eighteen treaties were negotiated. The handful of tribes agreed to give away millions of acres of land in exchange for the U.S. Governments promise to protect the lands with adequate water and game to sustain them and their way of life.

These land would have contained about 7.5 million acres, or 7.5% of the land area of California. The eighteen tribes started moving to their new land location only to find out that the Senate had refused to ratify their treaties. Instead of treaties.

“A system of military post ” on government owned reservations was implemented. Each would put into place a ” system of discipline and instruction; The cost of the troops would be ” borne by the surplus production of Indian labor.” No treaties were to be negotiated; instead they would be “invited to assemble within these reserves.”


Towns offered bounty hunters cash for every Indian scalp they obtained. Rewards ranged from $5 dollars for every severed head in Shasta City in 1855 to 25 cents for a scalp in Honey Lake in 1855.

Indigenous  women were forced to wear the severed head of their husbands or sons around their necks like a neckless for months.

Other regions passed laws that called for the collective punishment for the whole village for crimes by Natives, up to the destruction of the entire village and all of its inhabitants.

These policies led to the devastation of over two hundred native California communities.


In 1857, the state issued four hundred thousand dollars in bonds to pay for anti – Indian militias.


In 1870, the California census only recorded the population at 32,000, however that did not take into count the blacks and other natives who ran away and joined ranks with the Seminoles, and / or other Native nations,  or those who picked up and moved to safer, locations.

The black Califians were not a part of Northern California’s eighteen tribe treaty negotiations of 1853, they continued to valiantly  fight the oppressive invaders until the late 1890’s, the gold rush signaled the beginning of the end for the lands first people.

The gallant, California blacks,  one of the last great native nation to stand up and defend their ancestral home land — America ( Utala – AtLan ) Land of the blacks, was over.


james blackmon, diane blackmon's black native american grandfather

James Blackmon (Diane Blackmon’s Grandfather) b. 1880 d. 1954

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