AMER’ICAN, noun A native of America; originally applied to the aboriginals, or copper-colored races, found here by the Europeans; but now applied to the descendants of Europeans born in America.

Some like to use the term, “The Untold Story.” The story of the ab origine American people is not an untold one. This hi-story has been told many times over and by many orators. This hi- story has been twisted and purposefully made elusive from those who would benefit from it’s discovery. These facts of truth has been buried and hidden deep within portals of space-time, existing under doctrines that it would never be uncovered and revealed, thus these truths were kept by few, largely unknown to the masses and remained obscure for centuries. Until now….

To all who shall receive these presentsbe ye notified nunc pro tunc, into perpetuity; We the aborigine autochthon American people  have reclaimed our birthright, heritage thus honoring our people and ancestors.

   Whereas we the people stand united to restore our Histories, Cultures, Languages, Land, Water, Air and Sky to a pristine
natural and healthy state.

   Whereas we the people shall unite and stand for Honor, Liberty, Harmony, Light, Love and Justice for our people,
posterity, land and life

Whereas the true story of who the ab origine Americans are  would come forth every so often over the years, but only as pieces and fragments of information, only to be covered up again in order to hide our birthright and truthful identity

Whereas we the the people, now labeled  “African-American” and “Black” today ARE NOT a result of the “African slave trade” narrative nor “Mongoloid mixing”; in which many scholars and others would have you to believe

   Whereas, the truth is, the vast majority of people that have been labeled “Black, Negro, Colored and African-American” are in fact autochthon aborigines  to this land known as  America

Whereas before the various and numerous Asia/Anglo-European explorers, settlers, colonies and subsequent labeling and terms for our people, here is some evidence: “Indian”,”Red Man”,”Negro”, “Mulatto”, “Colored’, “Black” and “African-American” , to name a few. Before the so-called, “Native-Americans” that came across the Bering Strait from Siberia/Asia… We the People…ab origine; copper colored people were here on our American continent (north, south, central and her islands) from time immemorial and into perpetuity

Whereas our people have always been of One mind, one body and one spirit; however most of today’s autochthon American people find themselves to be trapped in institutions of mental, spiritual and physical degradation by genocidal,  psychological and fraudulent  acts of those very institutions, entities, agents and employees thereof; nevertheless We the aborigine people still survive and endure these horrendous acts and crimes of genocide against humanity

    Whereas foreigners arriving on our shores began to colonize our minds, our land, water, sky and various resources; began to destroy: our environment, our infrastructure, our minds, our culture, our heritage our way of life, our-story and our birthright via the poisoning of the basic staples of life to include food, water, shelter, land and sky; thus violating numerous treaties, laws and contracts; thus violating the supreme law of land and continually depriving aborigine American people of substantive, inherited, unalienable rights under color of law

     Whereas our ancestors known to some as “Olmec, Inca, Aztec, Washitaw, Oyataw, Cherokee, Chahta,Iroquois, Arawak, Taino, Anasazi, Mississippian, Yamasee, Mound Builders,” and many other various titles and labels throughout history. Regardless of any such title or label, our ancestors planted the seeds of civilization withinin this land/continent known as  America; which includes: North America, South America, Central America and her Islands

Whereas today, we are the descendants of our fore-mothers and fore-fathers, thus it is time that we reveal the truth! Our peoples true identity, legacy and birthright… Not as African slaves, Not as immigrants, Not as refugees but as who we are; aborigine autochthon people of the land currently known as America and her islands

Whereas We aborigine indigenous autochthon people are American by blood heritage and are not “naturalized”  nor “U.S. citizens” nor immigrants nor shall be exiles in our own land, Therefore be it known, to wit;

Resolved, we the aborigine autochthon American people have reclaimed our birthright, heritage and ancestral pedigree. We the aborigine people of America stand united to restore our Histories, Cultures, Languages, Land, Waters, Air and Sky to a pristine natural state. We the aborigine people of America stand for Honor, Liberty, Harmony, Love and Justice for our people, posterity, land and life.

Resolved; We the people shall exercise all our substantive rights and liberties secured by supreme law of land which encompass:  national/ international constitutions, laws, declarations and treaties which our ancestors created to secure our peoples’ future. We shall keep honor, love and harmony as our way of life upon our mother-land known as the American continent which include her islands.

We invite you to travel with us on the journey of life, knowledge, light and truth to uncover who our ancestors were and who we are today. Our ancestral energy and energy lives within us and are a vital part of our mind, body, cosmos and conscious spirit. Welcome to exploration and education; to uplift our minds, people and spirit vibrations. We the People…United We Stand…
edited by: Kota ki bey

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