The main focus should be rebuilding our bloodline fraternity. Bloodline when nurtured is the strongest social community institution of man. If we focus on family and family self government we liberate ourselves from colonial subjugation. I now share with you a family structure that can be applied to restructure a family institution as a means to move toward self government.


Tribal Structure:

There are four classes of chief’s, House Chief, Clan Chief, Tribal Chief and National Chief . In our custom when a woman and man have a child, both parents become “House Chiefs”. When a woman and man become grandparents both grandparents then become Clan Chiefs. Tribal Chiefs  are bloodline related that sit over two or more family clan’s of the same bloodline. Tribal Chief are elected by clan chiefs within their own bloodline, which both clan chiefs and tribal chiefs  together make up the  legislative branch of the tribal government. The National Chief, is the chief of chiefs among the chiefs of the Cuthaugula Coahuila Nation. The communities Council of Elders are great grandparents within a tribal bloodline.


Childbirth is seen as a family spirits reentering earth. The journey from the spirit world to the physical world is seen as the first initiation into the family bloodline fraternity. From the act of coming into the world there is a welcoming ceremony where the child is given the family groups bloodline fraternity name. A second and more personal name is also given to the child based on the child’s birth chart, which can be given to the child at the ceremony or shortly thereafter.

Rites Of Passage:

From the age 10 to 16 children go through a tribal mentoring and educational process. When a child tern 16 the tribal mentoring and educational program is complete and the child is given a transition party to celebrate becoming a tribal adult.


Marriages are seen as the launching of a new state under the tribal government, therefor the ceremony consist of the official launching of a new family state and the crowning of new chiefs as the authority of that state. Families are the cornerstone of our tribal nation.


Death is seen as a spiritual transition of passing over to the spirit world. The death ceremony has three parts, preparing the deceased body for burial, commemorating the life of the deceased and asking the Great Spirit to guide the deceased safely back into the spirit world.

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