Truth is an Endangered Species

UnCommon Sense will rock the foundations of your beliefs
about American and world history, law, economics and politics.
You will discover that the federal United States government
has been bankrupt numerous times since 1933,6 and has
systematically concealed this from the American people.
You will discover that Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) are not
lawful “money,’’ but promissory notes obligating taxpayers
and U.S. citizens to return income “taxes” to the Federal
Reserve Bank, not the U.S. Government.
You will discover that the Federal Reserve Bank is a private,
joint-stock trust, not part of the United States government.
All allodial land and lawful “money” (i.e., gold/silver) in the
united states of America has been “hypothecated” to the
Federal Reserve Bank since 1913 as collateral and “payment”
against an unpayable federal debt.
Property, motor vehicles, birth certificates, national parks
and forests, and the assets of all non-profit and for-profit
corporations have been pledged as collateral against the
federal debt — a debt that can never be paid off.
You cannot tender “payment” of a debt with Federal Reserve
Notes (FRNs), only with lawful “money.”
The Federal Reserve Bank and its foreign
principals/creditors control the federal United States
government, and directs all legislative action and public
policy through its lending and monetary policies.
The U.S. Congress is simply a “trustee” for the continued
bankruptcy of the United States government corporation.
The IRS is a collection agency for the International
Monetary Fund (IMF) collecting from a bankrupt Federal
Reserve Bank (FRB).
Your income tax does not go to the United States
government, but to service your individual obligation toward
the federal debt.
Your income tax does not provide basic government services
which are paid for through excise, sales and other taxes.

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